County Blue Reprographics offers a wide range of drafting supplies, from media and paper to equipment and furniture. Some of our preferred manufacturers are:

  • Alvin
  • Mayline
  • Safco

Drafting Furniture

You spend untold hours at your drafting table, conceiving ideas and bringing them to life. Ergonomically correct furniture can enhance performance by helping you focus on the job at hand rather than being distracted by discomfort.

We offer professional drafting furniture for architects, engineers, and anyone who prefers a functional, well-designed workspace. If your work involves design, you understand the importance of form and function. Drafting furniture that functions well and looks professional will inspire clients to have confidence in your skills.

Drafting tables are essential for both a professional business office and a home studio. They have the advantages of a wide surface and the ability to tilt at an angle, giving the draftsman or artist easy access to multiple parts of a project.

For the perfect task lighting, we offer drafting lamps that use halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs. A swing arm lamp can be moved to the exact spot you need it and angled to avoid reflections.

What about storage and organization? You need to keep all those large format files where you can find them quickly. Flat files, vertical files, and hanging files are all good options for blueprints, canvases, and oversized documents.

Drafting Supplies

We stock all the essential tools for architects and engineers. Are you looking for a serious mechanical pencil, one that can capture the finest lines and sharpest details? Do you relish the firm feel of a brand-new eraser against your fingertips? These classic implements are just two of the many drafting essentials we carry.

Experts use professional tools because they lead to professional results. They inspire confidence and assist you in doing your best work. Don’t scrimp or try to “make do” without the proper supplies for your architectural or engineering work.

We offer an extensive collection of drafting equipment, tools, and supplies. Among the many items we stock are: drawing instruments, drafting kits, drafting paper, templates, compasses, engineering scales, straightedges, dividers, protractors, t-squares, French curves, adjustable curves, parallel rules, electric pencil sharpeners and electric erasers.

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