County Blue Reprographics provides on-site digital printing solutions to fulfill all your printing and copying needs. We analyze your specific reprographic requirements and customize a plan especially for you. Whether you require a single piece of equipment or a full-service print room, we’ll match the technology to the task, ensuring that you receive the combination of hardware and software that best suits your goals.

We install cutting-edge equipment, provide preventive maintenance and service, and furnish supplies like paper, ink, or toner. You gain cost efficiencies by having advanced printing solutions available right on your premises.

Why use County Blue’s Facility Management service?
What we do:

  • We focus on your reprographic needs so you can focus on your core business.
  • We customize a plan to fit to your individual needs.
  • We install state-of-the-art reprographic equipment on your premises.
  • We provide complete maintenance and service.
  • We train your staff and provide technology support.
  • We help you account for every print, copy, or scan, making it easier for you to bill these costs directly to your clients.

The advantages to you and your business:

  • You enjoy on-site resources for printing, document reproduction, and document management.
  • You avoid large up-front capital costs.
  • You gain the flexibility to upgrade to new technology easily and without a penalty.
  • You can call on our fully-trained experts to assist you with any questions that arise.
  • You reduce time and travel spent on trips to a copy shop.
  • You improve productivity while reducing costs.

Why spend company time and money researching new technology and trying to choose the right equipment? Our on-site facility management program handles all your reprographic requirements. If you prefer to concentrate on your core business rather than on details like reproducing and managing documents, consider outsourcing your reproduction needs to County Blue.

We supply equipment, maintenance, and service; you gain an on-site reprographics center.