Scanning & Archiving

Converting your documents to digital files can save storage space, time, money—and help you gain peace of mind.

Save Storage Space

Do you have more hard copies than you can handle? By scanning and archiving your documents, you can condense all that paper to the size of a USB flash drive, or simply store it on our online Document Management Service. Reduce your company’s overhead by converting storage space into usable office space.

Save Time and Money

Changing your existing paper copies into digital form is an efficient and cost effective alternative to printing and storing large documents. With digital archiving, your records are easy to retrieve and search so you can find the precise information you need at a moment’s notice. You always have convenient access to your stored records—in fact, you can retrieve them from any location, whenever you want.

Gain Peace of Mind

Safeguard your records from deterioration or damage. Making digital copies of them allows you to protect these valued assets from accidental loss due to natural disaster, fire, or burglary. Electronic copies can be backed up in multiple ways, ensuring that if one copy is destroyed, you will have quick access to another.

What can we scan and archive for you?

  • Large format documents such as architectural/engineering/construction drawings, blueprints, and bluelines
  • Maps and plats
  • Letter size documents, legal forms and letters, medical records, and accounting data
  • Photographs

How can we archive it for you?

  • USB Flash Drive
  • 24-7 Online Document Management Service

No matter what your business—Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Medicine, Law, Education, Human Resources, or Accounting—scanning and archiving your documents will reduce your company’s overhead costs while safeguarding your priceless information.

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"Excellent customer service! We rely on County Blue to meet tough deadlines and they consistently provide excellent quality." - Nehmen-Kodner

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