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Trade Show Displays

To be effective, your trade show display booth has to make a big impression within just a few seconds. Your booth instantly telegraphs a message based on its visual appeal. Determine the image your company will convey by choosing a vibrant, well-designed exhibit.

The size and configuration of your display can have a dramatic effect on the number of potential customers who notice your booth. A pop-up display is lightweight and consists of a frame covered with a fabric or vinyl panel. These can be used to create interesting curved or angled walls for your exhibit area. A panel display consists of sections covered in vibrant materials that can be connected to create the exterior walls of your booth. They are easily adapted to different booth sizes and shapes. A third option is the truss display. Fabricated from aluminum tubing, it gives a high-tech, futuristic look and can be configured in any number of shapes and sizes.

As trade show attendees stroll past your booth, engage them with:

  • Banners that can be arranged as wall displays or as advertisements placed around your exhibit area. Our banner display stands include lightweight pull-up stands as well as telescoping stands that adjust both vertically and horizontally to fit many different banners.
  • Kiosks that are configured to show your product or service to its best advantage. Our creative team is experienced in building kiosks of all kinds, from those with backlit displays to those that incorporate touch screen computers and video monitors.
  • Tabletop displays that are perfect when you have only a small space for your exhibit. Table runners can be imprinted with full color graphics, and tension fabric displays or small popup displays provide a perfect small-scale backdrop. Literature racks, brochure holders, and tabletop banner stands add to the professional look of your presentation and keep materials more organized and attractive.

County Blue can help you stand out in a sea of displays so you won’t be overlooked at even the largest trade shows. We’ll recommend ideas to save you money, make your display booth set up quick and easy, and most importantly, we’ll get you noticed!


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